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Name:Michael 'Evo' Heller
Birthdate:Nov 11
Disclaimer: This is an RP journal. Evo is property of DC/Image comics, and is used without permission for shits and giggles. I also do not own/am not affiliated with Jason Mewes.

Characterization: Evo is played pretty well up to the dissolution of the original run of DV8. (For a brief overview, see here.) He's not terribly bright, uses a lot of drugs, and has absolutely no moral compass.

Powers: Trans-species morphing. Or: "I was a teenage werewolf." Evo can morph his body into one of three animal-like forms: lupine, amphibian, and a big fucking bat. He also possesses a healing factor, and the usual heightened senses that come with being a feral SPB.

"You ever read 'A Farewell to Arms'? They made me read it in training. I liked it. Everybody dies."
- DV8 #3

Both muse and mun are well over 18.
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